Baiyuan Tongbei Quan

Baiyuan Tongbei is believed to be have originated at least 1000 years and as long as 2500 years ago, and is a kung fu style based upon Taoist principles. We are part of the International Baiyuan Tongbei Quan Association (IBYTBQ), which is a branch of Yin Cheng Gong Fa. We teach the Shi branch of Baiyuan Tongbei. Known for its effective fighting skills, this kung fu style is sometimes referred to as "Black Fist".

Although Bai Yuan means "White Ape", Baiyuan Tongbei does not imitate the physical movements of an ape, but rather the "mind" or "feeling" of the ape. To this end, a Tongbei fighter endeavors to be quick, aggressive, accurate, changing and adapting, and clever.

There are few kicks in Tongbei, and they are all low, sudden and small and generally performed in coordination with a hand technique. Fighting skills are categorized as quick hand skills, hard and heavy skills, disruption and displacement skills, and controlling and throwing skills.

The most important concept in Baiyuan Tongbei is tong bei, which refers to the linking of the two arms through the back by making the arms more extended and relaxed, and allowing internal forces to pass smoothly through the back and into the hands. The development of this skill is a signficant part of Baiyuan Tongbei training.

More information about this style can be found on the IBYTBQ website.

Unlike many styles of kung fu, forms, though they exist, do not play a significant role in Tongbei training. The emphasis is on practising specific skills and combinations, first solo and then with a partner. Iron palm also plays a vital role in Tongbei training. Chi gong and physical conditioning are also part of the training. Note that the conditioning is specific to Baiyuan Tongbei and different than that of Ying Jow and Xing-Yi.