Kung Fu and Lion Dance

Just as Sil Lum Kung Fu provides the foundation for lion dance, lion dance helps develop Sil Lum Kung Fu fundamentals, including stance, movement, stamina and strength. Most importantly, lion dance develops san (shen), or spirit, which is vital for kung fu, especially in combat. As a result, lion dance in strongly recommended for Ying Jow students.


Drumming is the heart beat of the lion, energizing the lion's spirit and moving the lion to action. Drumming includes not only the drums but also cymbals, gongs and other instrumentation. Drumming can also be used to accompany martial arts demonstrations. Drumming can also include spin kicks and other acrobatic techniques while drumming. Although often taught separately from the rest of the lion dance, it is really an integral part of the lion dance.

Lion Dance

Lion Dance (Sing Si) depends upon the fundamental kung fu skills such as stance, root and timing developed in the Ying Jow Kuen training, and builds upon them. It develops team work, awareness and the ability to sense what others are doing and adjust. Lion dance requires considerable endurance as well. Although it stands on its own as a skill, it can improve one's kung fu skill and is made better by great kung fu skills.

Although team members tend to specialize in one or two positions on the team (lion head, tail, drummer, dai to fut..), they are required to learn all positions so that can understand how each team member's role fits with their own.

Lion Dance training is open only to those training in one of Gong Lung's kung fu styles.