Monday Kids (Capoeira Angola):5:00-6:00pm

Monday Adults/teens (16 and older) (Lion/Dragon Dance):6-7pm

Monday Adults/teens (16 and older) (BaiYuan TongBei):7-9pm

Wednesday Kids (12 and under) (Capoeira Angola): 5pm-6pm

Wednesday Kids (12 and under) (Ying Jow): 6pm-7pm

Wednesday Adults/teens (13 and older) (Ying Jow/Lion Dance):7-9:30pm

Thursday Adults/teens (16 and older) (Wu Tai Chi):6-7pm

Thursday Adults (16 and older) (Xing-Yi/Bagua):7-9pm

Friday Adults/teens (16 and older) (Capoeira Angola):7-9pm

Saturday Adults/teens (Wu Tai Chi): 9:30am–10:30am

Saturday Kids (12 and under) (Ying Jow/Lion Dance): 10:30am-12 noon

Saturday Adults/teens (13 and older) (Ying Jow): noon-2pm

Saturday Adults/teens (16 and older) (Lion/Dragon Dance):2-3:30pm

Sunday Adults (16 and older) (Xing-Yi/Bagua): 1-3pm

Sunday Adults (16 and older) (Capoeira Angola): 3-5pm


All classes are held at our kwoon (studio) at 100 43rd St Suite 113, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. This is in the Lawrenceville neighbourhood of Pittsburgh.

You are welcome to come by and try or observe a class at no charge to see if you like it. There are no contracts or other such financial commitments or obligations.

Multiple and per class rates are available.