Tai Chi, 6-7pm

    Lion Dance 7-8 pm


      No Class


       Xing-Yi/Bagua 7-9pm


    Ying Jow, 7-9pm


    Tong Bei 7-9pm


    Tai Chi, 9:30am-10:30am

    Kid’s Kung Fu 10:30-am-noon

    Ying Jow noon-2pm

    Lion Dance 2-3 pm


     Xing-Yi/Bagua, noon-2pm

      Tong Bei 2-4pm

     Adult Capoeira 4-6pm

Mask policy

Classes are generally held outside on the back landing. However, if you bring proof of vaccination (ie your vaccination card) you will be allowed to train outside without a mask. Additionally, you will be able to engage in partner work outside. You will also be allowed to train inside (if for instance the weather is inclement) with a mask.  

Without proof of vaccination, you may train live outside with a mask on, but no partner work.

Classes will remain accessible via zoom for those training remotely, whether vaccinated or not.

As time goes on, mask policy will of course change based on the situation with the virus.

About Kids

Kid’s 12 and up should be looking at joining the adult classes. This is around the age that they have typically started moving up into the main classes anyway, but vaccine eligibility provides an additional incentive for this. 

Otherwise, kid classes will continue to be held only via zoom or outside with masks.


During the summer kid’s capoeira will meet at Arsenal Park near the baseball diamond or via Zoom . Adult capoeira will meet at the school and either train inside with masks or we may head over to the park.

If you are interested in styles we teach but are not on the schedule, or have any other questions or comments, please send us a message.

You are welcome to come by and try out or observe a class at no charge to see if you like it. You may do this one for each style. There are no contracts or other such financial commitments or obligations. Multiple and per class rates are available.