Capoeira Angola

Capoeira Angola is an Afro-Brazillian martial art that combines elements of dance, music,and ritual combat skills as a training platform. As with Chinese martial arts, there is also greater depth to be found in capoeira angola in terms of personal enrichment and understanding of the world. Indeed, central to Capeoira Angola is the roda, or circle, where people jogo, or "play" capoeira. As such, it provides not only self-defense development, but straight out recreation as well.

Capoeira Angola is largely played close to the ground, and generally only the hand, feet and head touch the ground.Very significant in Capoeira Angola is the development of awareness of oneself and ones partner or opponent, and also the development of skills to trick one's opponent and lead him or her into vunerable situations. Capeoira Angola puts a high premium on not just physical ability, but on mental acuity as well.

In addition to the physical game, music is a very important aspect of Capoeira Angola which helps develop timing and spirit, and essential to understand Capoeira Angola.