Performance Schedule Updated  5 October 2019


Construction will be starting this coming week at the building in which the school is located, the Ice House Studios, and the front courtyard is going to be ripped out and replaced. This means the usual entrance will be inaccessible. We expect this construction to last about 6 weeks (through mid-November), with an additional two weeks of construction on the sidewalk next to the building.

Because of complications with construction, enter the building in the door to the left of where the courtyard should be (ie. where the major digging is occurring) and follow the signs going upstairs and around the building to get to the school. This should only be until Tuesday the 19th.

    This will of course affect how we get into the building. So during the construction, to get into the building, people can enter from the loading dock at the back of the building, located near the railroad tracks. Come up the stairs and you will see a glass door to the left. According to the plan there should be a directory with our phone number that you can call to get in. Since the intercom will not be functioning during construction, we will have to come down to get you. If you have any problem just contact us at the usual school phone number.

 Website still being updated. Please check back.